Hello and Welcome.  This is the Tannadice Times, a blog about Dundee United.

The Tannadice Times is not just for keeping up with all the latest news coming out of Tannadice, this is more of an opinion based site.

The Tannadice Times has come about because we feel that the opinion of the fans is important in football and we wanted to give the fans a place to voice this opinion.  So here is your chance guys, come on in and let rip.  We don’t care if your critical of the team or full of praise, if you feel like you have something to say, feel free.

As for the content of the site, you will find a variety of articles including;

Match Reaction – We don’t do match reports because no one wants to read regurgitate paper talk.  Nope, here you will find our opinion of the match.  Maybe you don’t see it the way we do.  That’s cool, because we want your thoughts as well.

Current News – You can keep up to date with all the goings on and how we feel about it.  As above, if you don’t agree, challenge it!

Legends Profiles – The net is full of profiles of past United legends but it’s too easy to type out all the facts.  We have our say on what we thought of the legends and their place in our history.

The Current Staff – We all have our favourites and that varies from one fan to the next.  We have our say on the current fans favourites and what we think.

And that’s just for starters, the creative juices will start to flow.

And if there is anything you guys would like us to add, or indeed anything you don’t like, give us a shout.

You can find our details in the Contact Us Page.

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