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4-6-0 No…

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I seen Housty is on the back of the Sun today claiming playing with no forwards is the way forward.

Note to Housty – It’s really not…

Ok, I will admit I haven’t yet fully read the story so, in true rag style, it may be sensationalised a bit but please for the love of god, do not try it with United.



Saturdays Without United

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Levein's Scotland struggled

Saturdays without United is nothing short of boring… no trip to the pub for a few pints and some banter followed by a trip to Tannadice or no away day with the boys, on a bus, to somewhere in Scotland for a few pints and some banter.

It’s a day where there is just not much on, well apart from time with the family…

Fortunately, or unfortunately as the case me be, we had Scotland to keep us entertained(!) last night.  Ok, so there was no involvement on the playing side from any of our boys but our former and current gaffers were there, trying to lead the boys to victory in Prague.

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